The chosen format of a photo-based story-telling book has been an experiment which leaves us very interested in feedback. While positive comments can be helpful to promote the book, critical feedback can contribute to improving the reading experience for upcoming editions.

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A. Auffermann, 29 May 2019
“I just purchased Volker Kess’ KOMODO book and love both the stories and the photographs. The stories are wonderful to read and provide a lot of insight about Indonesia’s precious wildlife. It almost reads like a diary. A great joy to take home after a beautiful holiday in the Komodo National Park”
R. Koeniger, 12 May 2019
“’KOMODO’ – A book for all nature lovers! On more than 260 pages we found fantastic nature and animal photography different from anything I had seen before. On every page you can feel the author’s passion for Indonesia and see a love for detail in all his pictures and well-researched texts. The book provides an impression of the people and the extraordinary animals living in this remote part of the world and addresses the urgent concern to preserve this fragile beauty. We have travelled through Indonesia a couple of times and visited Rinca, one of the islands within the Komodo National Park. Like the author, we couldn’t resist the fascination of the flora and fauna. Every friend we tell about our trips to Indonesia enjoys flipping through the pages of this amazing work. The book definitely inspires people to learn more about the country.”
G. Schiller, 3 June 2019
“A remarkable book about the “living legends”. When we got hold of it, we immediately started flipping the pages. In fact, breakfast that day lasted an extra hour because the book turned out to be unputdownable. This is an impressive way to introduce the reader to the beauty of Indonesia’s fauna and nature. We had already been to Rinca Island and witnessed the dragons’ life, but it’s very different seeing everything through the dedicated and professional approach of the author. A great addition to the pictures we took ourselves, the book stimulates the reader with exclusive photographs and entertaining stories. When we got back home and showed the book around, all our friends were enthusiastic – it’s a ‘must have’ for travellers to this part of Indonesia.”
D. Waldhausen, 28 May 2019
“‘KOMODO – In Pursuit of the Living Legends’ is a wonderful book. We were hoping to find some information about the Komodo dragons and found it all in this book. The cover, paper and photography is of high quality. Highly recommended!”

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